Go See: Fred Sandback at David Zwirner in New York through February 14th

February 2nd, 2009

Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled (no. 48, Three Leaning Planes, from 133 Proposals for the Heiner Friedrich Gallery)’ via David Zwirner

Fred Sandback, who died in 2003, is known best for his yarn sculptures that fall somewhere between Minimalist and conceptual art. On view now are two concurrent solo exhibitions at David Zwirner in Chelsea and Zwirner & Wirth in the Upper East Side. Sandback’s sculptures create large planes using colored yarn, outlining a shape and using walls, floors, and ceilings to create a perception of depth and space. The sculptures present an optical illusion of boundaries, of planes cutting across space that look like they may not be crossed but in fact do not exist. It is in that illusion that the theatricality of Sandback’s work lies. Using only the sparest of material he creates a vast, imposing presence.

Fred Sandback at David Zwirner
Fred Sandback at Zwirner & Wirth
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Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled (Sculptural Study, Two-part Vertical Construction)’ via David Zwirner

Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled (Two-part Vertical Construction)’ via David Zwirner

The exhibition at David Zwirner presents several of Sandback’s large works, including works now shown for the first time. These include a series of U-shaped planes rising up to the ceiling, spread across the exhibition space. Another work shown is comprised of three rectangular planes set at angles against three walls, altering their architectural context.

Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled (Gray Corner Construction)’ via Zwirner & Wirth

Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled (Sculptural Study, Five-part Stainless Steel Construction)’ via Zwirner & Wirth

Smaller works are shown at Zwirner & Wirth, including early works that reference the work of Russian constructivist Vladimir Tatlin ‘corner constructions,’ and many sculptures that came before Sandback’s yarn sculptures, as well as a number of works on paper.

Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled,’ ca. 1971 via Zwirner & Wirth

The show at David Zwirner runs January 9th-February 14th, 2009. On January 31st, a walkthrough will be led by Sandback scholar Edward Vazquez of Standford University. The show at Zwirner & Wirth runs January 13th-February 28th, 2009.

Fred Sandback’s ‘Untitled (Sculptural Study, Twenty-seven Part Vertical Shallow Relief)’ via David Zwirner