Go See – London: Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion designed by SANAA through October 18, 2009

July 10th, 2009

SANAA’s Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery via The Guardian

The Serpentine Gallery unveiled their 2009 Summer Pavilion yesterday. Designed by Japanese architectural duo SANAA, the pavilion is made of curving, sloping, and highly polished aluminum overhead the gallery’s outdoor café. The mirror effect blends the surrounding park into the café. Ryue Nishizawa, half of SANAA said, “When we started sketching ideas we thought of water, rainbows and leaves.” This is the ninth consecutive summer pavilion at the Serpentine, which invites architects who have not designed buildings in London before to create a temporary structure outside the gallery.  Previous architects include Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, and Frank Gehry.

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SANAA’s Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery

SANAA’s Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery via Building