Go See – London: Candice Breitz “Factum” at White Cube, Hoxton Square through March 20, 2010

March 16th, 2010

Candice Breitz, Factum Kang, From the series ‘Factum,’ 2009

Don’t miss Candice Breitz’s third exhibition at the White Cube in Hoxton Square, London. The exhibition, entitled “Factum” after Robert Rauschenberg’s almost identical canvases, Factum I and II, is an investigation into four twins and one triplet. Breitz has created beautifully intimate video portraits of each twin, which when coupled together in a kind of diptych, reveal the subtleties and nuances that make one individual. It is an extension of her perpetual fascination with repetition, identity and portraiture. By examining a phenomenon we wrongly presume as naturally and biologically identical we are encouraged to accept how very different twins really are.

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Factum Tremblay, From the series ‘Factum,’ 2009

Breitz really stresses the subtleties of the individuation by dressing the siblings in matching outfits and placing them in the same setting; in fact this only causes the other internal and minute physical differences to shine through. The genesis of the videos was a seven-hour interview the artist conducted with each person alone. However, after transcribing and scrutinizing each pair of interviews Breitz proceeded to dissect and manipulate the material into a conversation between the twins. Breitz aptly gets to grips with the pleasure and conflicts of a life lived largely in conjunction and in reference to another.

Factum McNamara, From the series ‘Factum,’ 2009

Throughout the series Breitz draws attention to the complex and intertwined nature of their relationships by allowing each to speak as an individual, uninhibited by the presence of their siblings, only to pair them up again as she wishes. The process evokes the reality of people’s lives especially for twins – as one is constantly negotiating various relationships, situations and impulses.

Factum Misericordia, From the series ‘Factum,’ 2009

Factum Tang, From the series ‘Factum,’ 2009

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