AO on site – New York (with Video): Barry McGee’s Graffiti Wall on East Houston and Bowery

September 3rd, 2010


Art Observed was on site for Barry McGee’s (aka “TWIST”) new work on the “Deitch Wall” on East Houston and Bowery. With longtime collaborator Josh Lazcano (aka “AMAZE”), Mcgee spray painted simple red tags of the names and crews of graffiti writers from both past and present generations. Watch the video above for AO’s short clip.

All Photos By Jeff Newman/TheArtCollectors

In its past, the wall has exhibited work by Os Gemeos, Keith Haring, and, most recently, Shepard Fairey.

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The mural was organized by real-estate developer Tony Goldman, a long-time friend of Jeffrey Deitch. Although Mr. Goldman said in a recent Wall Street Journal article that Mr. Deitch “played no role in arranging [this] project with Mr. McGee,” Barry McGee was represented by Deitch’s former gallery, Deitch Projects, before it folded in June.

Regardless of Deitch’s participation in the project, since Deitch has closed, McGee is a free agent in the city and the Bowery mural will undoubtedly serve as a major advertisement for his work.

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