Go See – New York: Picasso – Paintings and Sculpture at Gagosian Gallery Through December 23, 2010

December 18th, 2010

Pablo Picasso, Portrait d’enfant: Paloma, 1952. Via Gagosian Gallery

Titled Important Paintings and Sculpture, Pablo Picasso‘s latest solo exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue is a diverse collection spanning roughly 20 years of his work.  Though without a professed exhibition theme, like the landmark Mosqueteros, the works mainly hail from his years spent in the south of France, sharing pieces with his recent London exhibition The Mediterranean Years (1945-1962).

Installation view

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Nude, Green Leaves and Bust
1932, not in this show but sold recently at auction at Christie’s for $106.5 million

As of late, most Picassos at auction have been from either before or after the Mediterranean years, and only just making their presale estimated prices. However, the 1932 Nude, Green Leaves and Bust sold for a record-breaking $106.5 million at Christie’s this spring. Among Picasso’s some 40,000 total works, 271 previously unknown pieces were recently discovered, dated between 1900 and 1932. The findings postponed a December auction in Paris, but effects on the market remain uncertain at this point.

Femme endormie, symphonie en gris, 1943

Anatomie féminine, 1946

Femme étendue lisant,

Petit masque de faune
, 1947

Trois chenvaux au galop, 1954

Femme de profil au foulard vert
, 1956

Petit faune,

Trois femmes nues
, 1943

Conversation (croquis)
, 1958

Vénus et l’amour, d’après Cranach
, c. May 30, 1949 and c. 1951, 1951

Bouquet dans un vase,

, 1958

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