February 3rd, 2012

‬Graffiti artist David Choe was paid in Facebook stock options for painting the walls of the first Facebook Headquarters, now estimated to be worth more than $200 million when Facebook goes public. Although the shares were less than .25 percent of the company, the payout may be more than Damien Hirst’s record-breaking $200.7 million Sotheby’s auction in 2008. [AO Newslink]

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Sole sisters; Step out in a razzle of colour as sassy shoes hit the streets.(Features)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) March 2, 2001 Byline: FIONA BLACK WALK tall this spring – for shoes have never been sexier. Stilettos, kitten heels, ankle straps and spikes all combine to create to-die-for shoes that are guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

For shoes are the latest fetish designers have this season and the higher the heel and the finer the strap, the better the look.

Worn with jeans they look sexy and sassy and worn with trouser suits they take the butchness out of them. In fact, worn with anything, high heels will make you feel sexy.

For there is no denying the magic of heels. The instant elevation makes you stand taller and brings your tummy in.

“They immediately make your legs look at least three inches longer,” says shoe buyer Alwyn Carr. go to site shoe buy coupon code

And according to our expert, feeling comfortable in skyscraper heels is a question of mind over matter.

“It’s all about confidence,” Alwyn says. “The biggest problem women face is thinking they can’t do it, when, in fact, anyone can. Strong calf muscles help, so if your calf muscles are toned to begin with, you’re definitely at an advantage.” So, stiletto lovers, start going to the gym if you want to make the most of this sky-high fashion this spring.

For walking tall is the key to the new sexy clothing that’s around right now.

Tight glitter jeans, knee-length skirts and slinky evening wear all require these dizzily high shoes to create the current glamorous mood in fashion.

Best selection around for high heels, lots of colour and good prices is at Top Shop, Faith and Shelley’s.

For the high street is having a love affair with colour this spring … and that includes footwear.

Metallic blues, glitter pinks, reds, oranges, lilacs and even yellow shoes are all out there, so forget about boring black and classic navy this spring if you really want to make an entrance feet first.

However, there are some steps to follow if you want to be the height of fashion.

If you walk a lot, adopt the American style of wearing trainers until you arrive at your destination and then put your heels on at the last minute. If your legs aren’t tanned, choose tights that are sheer and shiny with invisible seams at the toe in either natural or a shade that matches the shoe.

Buy sandals half a size smaller than normal, if you can, as straps do give. Otherwise your foot ends up slipping inside the shoe.

If it’s a closed-in toe, put a leather insole inside your shoe to stop your feet from slipping forward. go to web site shoe buy coupon code

Switch between high and low heels every day, or even during the day, to give your feet a chance to recover.

Or, better still, take taxis like every fashion follower worth her slingbacks. For walking tall is the key to this look.

And while the models have been teetering down the runways in Paris, London and Milan, now it’s the turn of us mere mortals to wear these heels as the footwear designers have a field day.

You may not stand out like a supermodel, but at least you’ll be on eye level with the rest of the girls.

So, if you want to strut your stuff this spring, you’d better get practising now if you want to be sole survivor.

It’ll save pride and bruises if you get used to your new shoes at home before you step out in style.