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April 24th, 2012

‬The ‘Salon of Art and Design’ forthcoming Park Avenue Armory fair of jewelry, art, and antiques organized by Sanford Smith and the Syndicat National des Antiquaires changes its name to THE SALON: Art + Design to avoid a ‘SAD’ acronym

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US Fed News Service, Including US State News August 26, 2010 PULLMAN, Wash., Aug. 25 — Washington State University issued the following news release:

If you’re in search of a movie to rental, frozen yogurt or smoothie, Compton Union is now offering the services of Redbox and Freshens. this web site new release dvd

Redbox Redbox nationwide provider of DVD movies rentals offered to customers via fully automated kiosks at a cost of $1.15 per movie per night.

The Redbox kiosk is located inside the CUB on the first floor near the tower entrance and is available during the operating hours of the building. To rent, a customers simply selects a DVD from the menu on the kiosk, swipes a credit card, and receives the movie.

Customers can return a rented DVD to any Redbox kiosk, not just the original rental location. Redbox kiosks are also available in Pullman, Moscow, Clarkston, Lewistron, New release DVDs can also be reserved online at for pick up at a Redbox kiosk. Reserving DVDs online ensures the new release DVD you’re interested in is available for you. New releases are available every Tuesday and the machines can hold up to 500 DVDs at one time. go to web site new release dvd

Freshens Freshens serves a variety of frozen yogurt and blended fruit smoothie products which are made free of any transfats or high fructose corn syrup. Products range from low-calorie smoothies to low-fat, fat-free and no-sugar added frozen yogurts.

Customers can choose from 18 different toppings for their yogurt, including fresh fruit and granola. They also provide some indulgent toppings such as Fruity Pebbles and Cap’n Crunch cereal, as well as other candy toppings.

Freshens shares the Compton Union’s commitment to sustainability and the community. The cups used for smoothies and yogurt are 100 percent compostable and the Greenguard counter-tops are made from recycled materials.

Freshens is located in the food court on the first floor, next to Carlita’s Mexican Grille and Espresso. They accept RDA (Residence Dining Account) funds, Cougar CASH, and other traditional forms of payment.

WSU students played a large role in the choice of both Redbox and Freshens as CUB vendors, with input provided through Facebook and student surveys, Redbox was selected as a CUB vendor.

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