AO Onsite – New York: Bushwick Open Studios Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd, 2012

June 4th, 2012

Live painting of models Ilva Heitmann and Maciej Markowicz by Marcy Rosewater for “People and Places”

This past weekend, Arts in Bushwick organized the 6th annual Bushwick Open Studios festival. Since its start in 2007, BOS has shared an expansive community of art with the public in hopes of promoting interaction and discussion.  This year there were over 500 participants, ranging in scale from multi-floor gallery spaces, street art, pop-up studios and personal apartments.

Oliver Warden’s “Untitled Box 2.0″ installation resembles a plain mirror at first, but reveals a live man inside (the artist) as soon as viewers flick on the box’s light switch. Photos for Art Observed by Elene Damenia and Lisa Marsova

Justin Berry’s “Fissure and Fracture” collection at Interstate Projects

Berry’s first solo exhibit in NYC features a collection of landscape images from video games.  Each piece was “printed and framed so it would refer back to the style of 19th century photography,” said Tom Weinrich, gallery owner.  “Fissure and Fracture” will be on display at Interstate through June 30.

Aluminum wire sculptures by Seung Mo Park

Seung Mo Park with a work from his latest series, “Maya”

“Text” exhibition by John Avelluto, Mary Carlson, Meg Hitchcock, Audra Wolowiec at Studio 10

Mark Tribe’s “Rare Earth” exhibition at Momenta Art

David Pappaceno’s “Wiltartanthal” at English Kills Art Gallery

Two works by Genevieve Allison at 56 Bogart

Jason Sho Green’s artwork at 56 Bogart

Kesting/Rays silo building, with Swoon street work on the right

A large Swoon piece at Kesting/Ray gallery, 30 Grand Street

Arielle Falk posing with her latest work “DE-INHIBITIONATORS”, part of a performance piece that showed in Union Square on April 21

Nathaniel Lieb’s studio

Kevin Stahl with work

View of NYC skyline from the rooftop of 1717 Troutman

View of the Bobby Redd Project Space, former Lutheran church and host of Holy BOS! this past weekend

Graffiti artist Bishop203’s wall of artwork

Street art in the Bushwick district

Video Womb installation at the Body Actualized Center

Artist Romy Scheroder and Juan Puntes, director of White Box gallery in NYC

Charles Atlas’s video exhibit at Luhring Augustine Gallery

Titled “The Illusion of Democracy”, Charles Atlas’s solo exhibition includes two video installations, “Painting by Numbers” (2011) and “Plato’s Alley” (2008), as well as new video work specific to this show.  This is Luhring Augustine’s inaugural exhibition to BOS as their Brooklyn location opened only this past February.  The gallery and its staff are “happy to be a part of it” and believe in the festival’s “longer effect of putting the spotlight on the neighborhood,” in part aided by the “huge success” that Atlas’s video installation has so far been.

Map of the Bushwick area

Abel Macias’s underground studio

Rooftop installations at Jeffersonian

Installations continued

Designed by Isaac Arvold

Ayane Kurai’s work on display in her home

Shinto Imai in his studio

Interactive art installation in the bathroom at SALON DES FOUS

Deborah Brown at The Active Space

Theresa Daddezio posing with her work

Part of “Vegan Pizza Party”, curated by Katarina Hybenova at The Active Space

“INVISIBLE FURNACE” exhibit featuring artists Jason Mones, Ryan Estep, and Jessica Sanders at Curbs and Stoops Active Space

Band Top Blonde playing in garage space

The Sucklord (right) at his art battle event

BOS Art Battle hosted by The Sucklord at Silkys Brooklyn

Jonathan Monaghan with his work and MakerBot station

Jonathan took a series of photos from the Met for use in his 3D renditions.  “We kind of hacked the museum,” he says.  Based in his studio space at Brooklyn Brush Studios, Jonathan also creates short, fantastical video pieces using existing animations from games.

Chizuco Sophia Yw with her work

Yonki Hwang and photography

Dumpster turned mobile home outside of Starr Space (Bushwick Basel)

View of the inside

Bushwick Basel art fair at Jules de Balincourt‘s studio, Starr Space

Dan Schein posing with work

Jason Gringler and work

Sculptures by Ian Martin

Works by Peter S. Mühlhäußer, Amber Sena, John O’Reilly, Steve Shaheen, Lisbeth McCoy at The Blu Box studio

Aaron Williams posing with “Untitled (Yosemite)”

-L. Marsova

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