Frieze New York Announces 2013 Projects

January 25th, 2013

Frieze New York has announced its 2013 “Projects”, a selection of seven specially commissioned works that will be brought to life at the fair this May.  The show will feature works by Liz Glynn, Maria Loboda, Mateo Tannatt, Andra Ursuta, Marianne Vitale, a special tribute to the artist-run restaurant Food, and an original text by novelist Ben Marcus.  Says Frieze New York Projects Curator Cecilia Alemani: “For the second edition of Frieze Projects in New York, I asked the commissioned artists to intervene in the fair and its surrounding landscape by staging challenging works that play with everyday habits and collective behaviors. Basic actions such as eating, drinking, speaking and praying serve as the starting point for a series of site- specific installations that engage the ritualistic dimension of the fair and the unique landscape of the island.”Read more at Frieze New York