New York Magazine pens an ambitiously in-depth portrait of the state of affairs of the world’s most powerful art dealer, Larry Gagosian

January 21st, 2013

Larry Gagosian as Hirst Skull via New York Magazine

New York magazine builds a portrait, with quotes from those such as Richard Serra, of the enigmatic yet indisputably influential top art dealer Larry Gagosian.  The article focuses on Gagosian’s role in the Warhol market in relation to the Mugrabi family; the recent artist defections Gagosian’s gallery has incurred, among them Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama; and the recent Perelman and Cowles lawsuits, respectively. “Gagosian’s rise over the past 25 years, concurrent with the development of modern Wall Street, certainly shares a strand of its philosophical double-helix with the hedge-fund approach to investing. The idea is to leave as little to chance—or, in his case, taste—as possible in order to put a value of his own choosing on his assets.”
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