AO ON SITE: Michel Gondry at Deitch Projects

February 18th, 2008

Opening night of “Be Kind Rewind” at Deitch Projects

Droves of gallery goers attended Michel Gondry’s opening of “Be Kind Rewind” at Deitch Projects. The exhibition is a precursor to the film, of the same name, that will be released in theaters shortly.

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More pictures after the jump… The seemingly commercial intentions of the exhibition are dispelled by the way in which people are meant to interact with the space.

Deitch facade as “Be Kind Rewind” storefront

The outside of the gallery was made to look like the video store that is the main set for Gondry’s new movie. Upon entering, visitors are given a sheet of instructions on how to “Make your own Movie!.” Gondry recreated several sets from his upcoming movie on site and visitors can make appointments to come in and use the gallery as a backdrop for their own movie. Gondry insists that he is not trying to teach people how to make films. Rather, the director/artist illustrates that film can exist outside of the commercial realm and the exhibition is a platform for others to realize and act on this.

Jeffrey Deitch was all smiles at the packed opening

Long lines formed at the “Be Kind Rewind” opening

Be Kind Rewind is on view February 16 through March 22 at Deitch Projects located at 18 Wooster Street NY. To make an appointment for a time slot at the gallery email for more details.