Don’t Miss: Francesco Clemente at Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid through March 27

March 6th, 2008

Virgine by Francesco Clemente via Galeria Javier Lopez

The work of Francesco Clemente is on view at Galeria Javier Lopez, Madrid through March 27. In this exhibition, a selection from his series New York Muses, the artist brings his musical, lyrical, slightly melancholy style of playing with time and space to the women walking the streets of New York City.

Galeria Javier Lopez
Francesco Clemente [Gagosian Gallery]
Biography of Francesco Clemente [Guggenheim]

Known as one of Europe’s most illustrious transavantgarde artists, Francesco Clemente works and exhibits around the world, with bases in Spain, India, and New York. His place as a leading artist in an international revival of expressionist figure painting has been magnified by interesting collaborations, as he teamed up with both Indian papermakers and heavyweight contemporary artists such as Any Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat for projects. Clemente’s propensity for bringing playful, thoughtful twists to figurative work is perfectly illustrated by the series New York Muses. In Clemente’s words: “There is a kind of woman in New York who is truly unique, martial, a kind of amazon who goes down the street without looking right or left. She is strong enough to catch your attention but she doesn’t play the game. For me that is very poetical. I draw these women larger than life, and although you feel very close to them when you look at them, the picture keeps part of them private because their bodies are left outside.”

New York Muses via Galeria Javier Lopez