London: Antony Gormley: “Still Standing” at White Cube Hoxton Through September 15th, 2012

August 23rd, 2012

Antony Gormley – Still Standing Installation View, White Cube Gallery

Coming off a a major exhibition of work in Sao Paulo, Antony Gormley returns to the White Cube in Hoxton with a selection of works from the past two years, continuing his explorations into the displacement of human space through architectural practice.

Antony Gormley – State V (2011), White Cube Gallery

Renowned for his distillation of the human body into the rudimentary shapes of formalist modern architecture, Gormley’s recent sculptures create dialogues on the human in a world often defined by pixelated images, digital rendering and technologic utilitarianism.  Each sculpture seeks to define the vital curves and contours of the human body while using a minimum of steel blocks, creating complex forms from simple elements.

Antony Gormley – Level II (Year To Be Confirmed), White Cube Gallery

This particular selection, exhibited on the ground floor of the museum, features 17 body shapes, all occupying a single room, and exploring a variety of human poses, from crouched and lounging forms to upright, relaxed bodies and those standing stiff at attention.

Antony Gormley – Abstract IV (2011), White Cube Gallery

On the second floor is a single sculpture (State V) from Gormley’s “Proppers” series, a continuation of this technique that sees minor variations appear in the bodily form, branching out from a basic shape into more abstract approaches.  The human becomes less of a model than a loose framework, allowing improvisation and variance on the final outcome.  Having defined his architectural language, Gormley now seeks to extend this vocabulary, creating evocative forms that are ever closer to standing on their own.

Antony Gormley – Still Standing Installation View, White Cube Gallery

“Still Standing” is on view until September 15th.

Antony Gormley – State V (2011), White Cube Gallery

Antony Gormley – Turn III (2010), White Cube Gallery


 Antony Gormley – List III (2011), White Cube Gallery

Antony Gormley – Clutch VIII (2010), White Cube Gallery

—D. Creahan

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