AO Onsite Photoset – Art Basel Miami Beach 2012: UNTITLED. Art Fair Premiers on Miami Beach

December 5th, 2012

All photos on site for Art Observed by Erica Schwartzberg

UNTITLED. art fair is celebrating their first year at Art Basel Miami. Under the art direction of New York-based curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud, a beachfront pavilion was designed by architecture firm K/R (John Keenen and Terence Riley) to house a collection of international works by contemporary artists presented by 50 invited galleries. The space aims to emphasize the viewer’s experience  while creating context for the works. “It is about creating a conversation,” says Lopez-Chahoud, “and thereby offering collectors a sense of discovery, diversity, and quality with an international perspective.” UNTITLED. is open through Sunday, December 9th.

Paco Cao, mid-session of a seance, Eternal Rest at (Art) Amalgamated

Paco Cao’s Eternal Rest Seance Room at (Art) Amalgamated

Ron of Thierry Goldberg Gallery presents Jeffrey Kessel

Naama Tsabar instrument at Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Jeffrey Kessel works at Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Michelle Handelman, Irma Vep, the last breath, Participant, Inc.

Michelle Handelman, Irma Vep, the last breath, Participant, Inc.

Participant, Inc.

Works by Tofer Chin presented by Amelia Abdullahsani of Lu Magnus Gallery

UNTITLED. sponsored VIP area

Holton Rower at the Hole Gallery

UNTITLED. Special Project: Justin Cooper, Hose Lit at the entryway

Ebony G. Patterson, Untitled Species #2 with Justin Cooper, Lit Hose

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