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Newslinks for Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
Javier Peres

Javier Peres via the NYObserver

New York and Berlin gallerist Javier Peres, much a part of the success of Dan Colen, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, and Terrence Koh, opines on the “new, new school’ and the ways of the market [NYObserver]
The “serene mastery” of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi
[WallStreetJournal] now at showing at the Met [ArtObserved]
In art market layoffs: Damien Hirst cuts up to 17 of the 22 in his studio [GuardianUK] and Pace Wildenstein cuts as well [Blackbook]

Antiques Roadshow - Antony Gormely - Angel of the North -

Antony Gormley's Angel of the North on Antiques Roadshow via BBC

The highest priced “antique” on UK’s Antiques Roadshow is a £1m model of Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North [GuardianUK] more here [BBC]
The Museum of Modern Art is armed with a Twitter account
On the heels of his recent no-sale at Phillips,
[Art Observed] Damien Hirst is sanguine on the art market: “What goes up must come down” [ArtInfo]
Over 1/2 of the best selling artists of last year were Asian
Global art dealer Jan Krugier dies at the age of 80

Newslinks for Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Richard Prince,in collaboration with Gagosian, curates a furniture exhibit and designs a \'Nurse Hat Chair\'
Richard Prince ‘Nurse Hat Chair’ via Wallpaper

Richard Prince, in collaboration with Richard Prince, curates a furniture exhibit in Paris with his ‘Nurse Hat Chair’ [Wallpaper]
A reputed Jackson Pollock painting of questionable authenticity, purchased for $5 in 1992, goes on sale in Toronto for $50 million US [ArtInfo] Oct. 31
Terence Koh, artist on a bike, interviewed [Dejour Magazine]
A guide to London gallerist Steve Lazarides, now showing on the Bowery, and the Outsiders art movement [IndependentUK]
‘Pulse Park’ is a public art light installation in Madison Park, Manhattan that senses heart rates [NYMag]
Turner Prize winning video artist Steve McQueen interviewed [Scotland on Sunday]
The state of Sotheby’s art lending business [NYMag]

Newslinks for Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

The Grand Palais in Paris, the Site of the 2008 FIAC art fair

Seen as selling more established contemporary artists, the 158-gallery strong FIAC art fair, back to Central Paris since 2006, was by consensus more successful than Frieze this year [Artreview] more here [TheArtNewspaper] here [Bloomberg] and here [Financial Times]
Jeff Koons’s Versailles installation of 17 works drew over 250,000 people and has been extended to January [Associated Free Press]
Tel Aviv as a contemporary art destination [NYTimes]
Jake Chapman on his new book: The Marriage of Reason & Squalor [ArtForum]
Olafur Eliasson’s Waterfalls exhibit brought 1.4 million visitors and $69 million to New York City [Crain’sNewYork]
Damien Hirst co-directs a bloody Sienna Miller in music video for The Hours [TheSun]
Steve Lazarides, agent to Banksy, is working on New York space following the success of the The Outsiders show on the Bowery in September [The Evening Standard via TWBE]

Newslinks for Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Banksy’s controversial One Nation Under CCTV via

Banksy issues a statement on London City removal of his CCTV work
[Time via TWBE] and a video of Banksy’s pet store/charcoal grill in NYC [Wooster Collective]
At the Whitney: Leonard Lauder, Cindy Sherman, Mary Boone, Donatella Versace, Christina Ricci, Sting and assorted socialites show up for the Gala and Studio Party [ArtInfo]
Art and Commerce: Julian Schnabel, sponsored by Mastercard, completes portrait of sweepstakes winner [Tradingmarkets]
A quiet but strong video of Jenny Holzer at the Guggenheim, New York []
Takashi Murakami, a bit hurt perhaps from the his Phillips Frieze auction, comments on the art market: “Everyone is very nervous. Everything is negative” [NYMag]
And in the latest in Damien Hirst: the Guardian quotes his art market comments from four years ago: “they would sell your granny to Nigerian sex slave traders for 50 pence and a packet of woodbines” [GuardianUK] his cover art for British band The Hours [Brand Republic] and Sarah Thornton has a thorough summary of Hirst and some of his series: “he faces all the problems of an aging rock star” [TheArtNewspaper]

Newslinks for Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) Concetto Spaziale, Forma

Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) Concetto Spaziale, Forma sold at Sotheby’s London last Tuesday

Sotheby’s £13.6 million, 20th Century Italian Art sale holds up within estimate last week [ArtDaily]
Jerry Saltz has a fairly grim prognosis for the art market [NYMag] while The Economist suggests more resilience, where “bulk-buying big names is gone, and the rare and the beautiful are back in vogue” [The Economist]
Sotheby’s, with $375 million of cash at last count, takes a $15 million loss on guarantees this month [Bloomberg]
Damien Hirst’s £50 million ‘For the Love of God,’ exhibiting in Amsterdam in November, will go on auction if not sold privately [The Art Newspaper] more Hirst: Toddington Manor, his 188 year old, soon to be exhibition space, shows its new side [Daily Mail]
An artist-in-residency for 30 studios planned for Governors Island [NYTimes]
23-year old Vito Schnabel plans to open 4,300 sf Chelsea gallery and is soon to show Terence Koh [ArtNet via ArtInfo}

Newslinks for Wednesday, October 22th, 2008

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

George Michael
George Michael via TelegraphUK

At Frieze, George Michael and partner annouce plans for 10,000 sf Dallas space for $200 million in British contemporary art
Emily Rauh Pulitzer gives $45 million for Harvard’s collection, as well as 31 works, incuding Picasso, Modigliani, and Giacometti valued at an additional $200 million [Boston Globe]
Jackie Wullschlager summarizes 20 years following Damien Hirst’s curated “Freeze” show of YBA ‘s [FinancialTimes]
Two new London outposts for existing galleries: Yvon Lambert across from White Cube and Pilar Corrias in Rem Koolhaas-designed space in Fitzorivia []
A Fernando Botero video interview on his Circus series, and part two here [Vernissage]
In new Moscow Museum of Modern Art branch, Sotheby’s previews 50 20th-century works, including Bacon, Warhol and Picasso to be sold for estimated $200 to $300 million in New York in November [The Moscow Times] more on that, and Christie’s Moscow previews, here [NYTimes]

Newslinks for Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst via TheDailyMail

Science, Damien Hirst’s corporation, tops the ArtReview power 100, Gagosian follows, and MoMA’s Kathy Halbreich is first woman to make the top 10 [ArtInfo]
Designer Yohji Yamamoto uses museum curators in New York, Paris, London and Antwerp as models in latest campaign [TheMoment]
PaperMag’s latest issue interviews artworld figures such as Terence Koh, Cecily Brown, Tauba Auerbach, Shepard Fairey and James Fuentes [PaperMag]
Sotheby’s secures $250 million loan from Bank of America while cutting auction guarantees [Bloomberg}
A Liechtenstein billionare is on his second attempt to build 23,000 sf Las Vegas Museum of Contemporary Art [ArtForum]
What happens to the corporate artwork of failed companies? [WallStreetJournal]
Jake Chapman interviewed on, for example, his ideal home: with six or seven of his enemies hanging from trees in front of it [GuardianUK]
Fashion designer Stella McCartney and Artist Ed Ruscha together on Iconoclasts [SundanceChannel]

Newslinks for Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Richard Serra
Richard Serra via TigerofSweden

With his show on at Gagosian London, [AO] a lookback at the soon-to-be-70 iconoclast Richard Serra [Guardian UK]
New York gallery sues Ex-Enron official Jeff Shankman regarding his attempted extortion of six figure sums lest he “go public” that works sold to him were fake [Bloomberg]
Irish group begins futures market trading based on famous Mei-Moss art price index [Financial Times]
Controversially Christie’s-owned Haunch of Venison gallery moving to landmark, Victorian, David Chipperfield-renovated building owned by the Royal Academy [ArtInfo]
Arab and Iranian art on the rise, the sales of which grew from £1 million in 2006 to £17 million (thus far) in 2008 with 260% price increases in that time [TelegraphUK]
In related, Sotheby’s announces intentions to open branch in Doha, Qatar [ArtDaily]

Newslinks for Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Rubens\' The Apotheosis of James I
Rubens’ The Apotheosis of James I – via the TimesUK

Before deadline, Tate raises £5.7m to keep Flemish master Paul Rubens sketch The Apotheosis of James I [GuardianUK]
The Queen’s composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies declared Damien Hirst’s art to be “bejewelled trinkets” [TimesUK]
Takashi Murakami’s bi-annual Geisai Fair, an upstart artist free for all, drew 1,176 applicants [TheArtNewspaper]
A weighty review of Louise Bourgeois’s art as: “a comprehensive assault on my sense of wellbeing” [GuardianUK]
An insightful summary of where the art market is headed [Wall Street Journal]
With his show at the Serpentine, Gerhard Richter interviewed [The National via ArtMarketMonitor]

Newslinks for Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

The Peaceable Kingdom, by Edward Hicks
The Peaceable Kingdom, by Edward Hicks, the subject of a dispute between Halsey Minor and Sotheby’s, via Wikimedia

The founder of CNET sues Sotheby’s, citing non-disclosure of its economic interest in a painting sold to him, which he has withheld payment for [Bloomberg] more on this here [LATimes] and here [Wall Street Journal] and here [New York Times]
A prediction that the new leadership of the MoMA and Guggenheim will broaden and focus each institution respectively [NewYorkMag]
A profile of the emerging Zoo Fair artists at the National Academy in London [Guardian]
In a recent interview, Tracey Emin addresses her being raped at age 13 in Margate as well as her being a victim of child abuse [ThisisKent]
Artist builds a custom environment to work for 3 months at the Whitney for an upcoming exhibit of photographs of the happenings
[ArtInfo] more on this here [New York Times]

Newslinks for Sunday October 5th, 2008

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

JR London
A London building-side JR via Woostercollective

Some large works mark JR’s return to London from NYC (previously covered by AO here) for a solo show at Lazarides [Woostercollective]
The Tate will brand a cruise ship line focused on art [GuardianUK]
Jackie Wullschlager’s biography of Marc Chagall reviewed
[The Economist]
Focusing on the sculptures of Pablo Picasso [Wall Street Journal]
Due to gambling regulatory concerns, Lazarides cancels ‘art raffle’ meant to coincide with Frieze [ArtInfo]
Tar magazine (anagram of art) debuts with a cover by Julian Schnabel [Mediabisto]
The Chapman Brothers produce a fuzzy backdrop for Stella McCartney’s spring/summer show in Paris [Independent]

Newslinks for Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Shepard Fairey via the NYTimes

Street art legend Shepard Fairey shadowed in action by the New York Times[NYTimes]
Art as an unexpected hedge amongst billionaires in uncertain timesand Sarah Thornton has more on this here [Forbes] [TelegraphUK]
Levi’s to launch limited edition jeans featuring Murakami’s flowers [Nylon]
Ex-wife of Jeff Koons/former porn star/Italian parliament member gets to keep her son [Bloomberg]
Flea market purchase revealed to be work by 17th-century Flemish master Pieter Brueghel the Younger [GuardianUK}
Art Market Blog offers another view to market conclusions drawn from last week’s Kate Moss, Banksy auction,  previously covered by Art Observed here [Art Market Blog] 
A guide to buying contemporary art[TimesOnline]

Newslinks for Monday September 29th, 2008

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Whitney Expansion High Line
Whitney Expansion plans via Culturegrrl

Whitney hits milestone for expansion approval, but will it be funded? [The New York Sun]
Video of a Jeff Koons-guided tour through his Versailles installation [VernissageTV]
Art and wine, a solid investment in financial turmoil? [The Wealth Report/WSJ]
Large and quiet, a new contemporary art space in Bologna [Times UK]
A monochromatic art book for babies features Hirst and Murakami [Guardian]
$730,000 Renoir, stolen from a Milanese family, is recovered [New York Times]
In related news: Lawyer sentenced who hid $30 million in stolen art, including a Cezanne, for 30 years [The Art Newspaper]

Newslinks for Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Cellophane House
Cellophane House at the MoMA site, for sale starting at $1.75 million

MoMA is selling homes from the pre-fab exhibit; separately, Warhol’s final home pulled off the market [Wall Street Journal]
Which exhibits to see while at Frieze, London October 16-19 [New York Sun]
British businessman/collector allocates $5.5 million for 40 sculptural works to coincide with the London Olympics in 2012 [Art Info]
Inside Dafen, China’s production of 3.75 million fake “replica” paintings [Bloomberg]
“Young British Artist” Sam Taylor Wood will cover The Passions’ ‘I’m in Love with a German Film Star’ in a single produced by the Pet Shop Boys [FactMag via ArtFagCity]

Newslinks for Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Catherine Opie
Catherine Opie via NYTimes

On Catherine Opie, whose exhibition opens at the Guggenheim today [NY Times]
Sotheby’s: Cat painting by 17-year old Damien Hirst is worthless [Guardian]
Auction of purported artist friend-of-Andy Warhol blocked by Warhol foundation due to its never having heard of the man [New York Post]
A review of “After Nature”- an apocalyptic themed exhibition at the New Museum [NYMag]
Accusations of a conflict of Interest concerning François Pinault and Jeff Koons at Versailles exhibition [ArtForum]
A full 1/2 of Gagosian Gallery’s London sales are to Russians [ArtInfo]

Newslinks for Wednesday, September 24, as summer’s China-focused news comes to an end, Autumn news centers on Russia

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Daria “Dasha” Zhukova, via Guardian.

More on Roman Abramovich’s Dasha Zhukova, straight from Moscow onto the art scene, and more on her and the Moscow Garage here [Times Online] [Guardian] On Gagosian’s Moscow Chocolate factory, and more on Gagosian in Moscow here [Financial Times] [Art Info]
After the sale, perhaps the most insightful Hirst Sotheby’s auction and art market summary article we’ve found
[The Economist]
Christie’s sale in Zurich to auction significant Peter Fischli/David Weiss shown at Tate Modern in 2007 [Art Daily]
With Francis Bacon at the currently at the Tate, a video interview from 1985 [Small Drawings via C-Monster]

Newslinks for Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Soon-to-be-former Lehman Brothers corporate headquarters

Lehman Brothers may sell some or all of its 3,500-work corporate art collection [Bloomberg]
How the Wall Street firm implosion jeopardizes New York arts funding [NY Sun]
French art dealers, armed with currency arbitrage, settle into Manhattan [The Art Newspaper]
7 artists recontextualise the River Thames [GuardianUK]
Following ‘Pest Control,’ ‘Vermin,’ a second Banksy authentication group emerges [Art Info]
Five 17th century Dutch paintings stolen in 2002 at $4.2M of insurable value are recovered [BBC]

Newslinks for Thursday September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Tracey Emin Sparrow Liverpool
Tracey Emin and her sparrow, now returned via BBC

For second time in 3 months, Tracey Emin’s 4-inch Liverpool sparrow is stolen then returned [BBC]
Photo profile of collector / Art in America and Interview-owner Peter Brant [TMagazine-New York Times]
Art Basel commits Miami Beach for 3 years [ArtForum]
Midtown gallery sued after improperly safeguarded Dali’s are stolen [New York Post]
Oliafur Eliasson interviewed [GuardianUK]
New art fair Art Berlin Contemporary opens with 70 artists and 40 Berlin galleries [ArtReview]

Newslinks for Friday September 12, 2008

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Lucian Freud\'s Rarely-seen Portrait of Francis Bacon
Lucian Freud’s rarely-seen, unfinished Portrait of Francis Bacon via Artdaily

Lucian Freud’s unfinished Francis Bacon portrait to be auctioned by Christie’s London in October [Art Daily]
MoMA purchases Chinese contemporary art from private collection [Art Newspaper]
Osaka museum pulls three Chagall’s after authenticity is questioned [Art Info]
Jeff Koons “Man of Trust documentary” sold in
€2,500 limited edition kangaroo mirror boxes at Colette [World’s Best Ever]
On the vulnerability of the global art market “which has risen so very high on little more than PR and salesmanship” [Financial Times]

Detroit Metro Airport Serves Fewer Fliers in 2002.

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) September 21, 2002 Byline: Daniel G. Fricker Sep. 21–The number of passengers at Detroit Metro Airport was down 9.2 percent through the first seven months of this year, mirroring a nationwide trend that shows millions of passengers have not returned to flying since the Sept. 11 attacks.

International passengers at Metro were down a whopping 31.6 percent.

More than 18.7 million passengers used Metro through the end of July, or 1.9 million fewer than during the same period in 2001, according to airport statistics released this week.

The airport’s major carrier, Northwest Airlines, experienced an 8.9-percent decrease in passengers at Metro. Northwest and its Airlink commuter service carry 76.6 percent of the airport’s passengers.

The decreases are close to the 10.7-percent year-to-year drop in passengers on the nation’s top 15 airlines through August of this year, according to the Air Transport Association of America, an airline industry trade group based in Washington, D.C. see here detroit metro airport

The numbers of passengers on the nation’s airlines plunged 36 percent year-to-year in September 2001 as a result of the economic slowdown and the terrorist attacks.

Passenger numbers rebounded during the winter and spring, but the recovery stalled last spring, ATA officials say.

Nonetheless, Metro spokesman Len Singer said airport officials are optimistic about Metro’s passenger count. “We’re encouraged that the numbers are steadily increasing, but obviously we’d like to see that happen even faster,” he said Friday. web site detroit metro airport

Singer pointed to Metro’s passenger numbers for June and July. They were down 6.9 percent and 6.3 percent respectively compared to the same months in 2001.

But he declined to predict when Metro’s passenger traffic could rebound to numbers seen before the attacks.

“You can’t discount the factors of the economy,” Singer said. “Until the economy bounces back, I don’t think we’ll see a complete bounce back in the industry either.” Northwest Airlines declined to comment on when its passenger numbers at Metro could recover.

The number of passengers on the nation’s airlines is expected to dip again in 2003, by 1.5 percent compared to this year, said Mike Boyd, president of the Boyd Group, an aviation consulting company in Evergreen, Colo.

“The nation doesn’t pull out of the dive until the end of 2003,” he said. “There is no way it can. You have all the major airlines taking capacity out at the end of this year. What that means is we’re going to have less seats, less people.” But Detroit is expected to buck the national trend. In 2003, the number of passengers at Metro is expected to grow year-to-year by up to 2 percent, Boyd said. The reasons are the 97-gate midfield terminal, which opened Feb. 24, and the growth of Spirit Airlines, a discount carrier that is Metro’s second-largest airline.

But Metro is not expected to rebound to passenger numbers recorded in 2000 — the last year before the economic slowdown — until 2005.

“That has to do more with airlines’ capacity than there being anything wrong with Detroit,” Boyd said.

Newslinks for Thursday September 11, 2008

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Jonathan Meese Berlin
German artist Jonathan Meese via TheMoment

Jonathan Meese, Daniel Richter, and Javier Peres as players in the Berlin art scene [NY Times- The Moment]
more Jonathan Meese, headlining Friday at the Journal Gallery, Brooklyn [The World’s Best Ever]
Valuable, yet difficult to execute and display “extreme” art [ArtInfo]
Rothko, Bacon highlight a very British-painter-based fall exhibit lineup in London [Bloomberg]
On “democracy” as a trend in British contemporary art, and how pricing can suffer from it
Deborah Harris is the new managing director of the Armory Show [ArtForum]
Director Sir Nicholas Serota sets 1 year deadline for funds for Transforming Tate Modern project [London SE1]
In more Tate news: 2007/8 acquisition year for the Tate Collection brought a record $111 million – 494 work harvest [Art Daily]

Newslinks for Monday, September 8th, 2008

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Frank Dunphy Damien Hirst\'s Manager
Frank Dunphy Damien Hirst’s Manager via D2

On Frank Dunphy the ‘Man behind Damien Hirst’
[Wall Street Journal]
More Damien Hirst pre-sale press here, and more here [TimesUK] and still more here [TIME]
Moscow’s largest collection of Russian art seeks a new building for Modern and Contemporary [Bloomberg]
Japanese film ‘Achilles and the Tortoise’ satirizes the art world [ArtInfo]
Sotheby’s sues buyer to collect commission [NYTimes]
Larry Gagosian is number 38 the New Establishment Top 100 [Vanity Fair]
and Harper’s Bazaar names Tracey Emin “Creative Person of the Year” [Telegraph]

Consumers cop-on to the value of money-off coupons

The Irish Times March 15, 2010 | CONOR POPE MONEY-OFF COUPONS: A big deal in the US and UK, consumers here are increasingly collecting coupons COUPON CLIPPING is not the most glamorous way to pass your time. In fact, hanging on to fliers offering two-for-one deals, religiously cutting coupons out of newspapers and presenting crumpled fliers to restaurant staff might be penny-pinching steps too far for many people. Times are hard but are they really that hard?

While coupons are a big deal in the US, they’ve never really caught on here, with the notable exception of the noble butter voucher which most of us seemed to exchange for cigarettes in the 80s and 90s. But things may be changing. According to one survey from the National Consumer Agency, 30 per cent more people are using coupons than in 2008. When you consider the savings that can be made it’s not hard to see their allure. It’s never going to keep the wolves from the door for long but, if it’s not too much hassle, it’s free cash.

The Irish Independent Directory, which is delivered to 1.3 million homes across the country every year, has hundreds of euro worth of vouchers on everything from pizzas and burgers to taxis and tyres. Meanwhile, a judicious use of online coupon sites can handily knock [euro]20 off a weekly shopping bill.

While people may baulk at producing the crumpled vouchers they’ve found in directories, newspapers or online they are much more likely to use the vouchers earned from being a member of a supermarket loyalty scheme. The key thing about supermarket loyalty schemes is that you need to be as disloyal as you possibly can and sign up to the lot of them.

A clever use of loyalty schemes can make vouchers even more worthwhile than their face value would suggest. Under the Tesco scheme, for instance, a [euro]2.50 clubcard voucher will buy you a [euro]10 token for Milano’s restaurant or Apache Pizza. A [euro]4 voucher gets one adult into Dublin Zoo – admission is normally [euro]15. A [euro]10 voucher, meanwhile, can be handily converted into a [euro]40 voucher from Siblu, the camping specialists in France, effectively giving you a 5 per cent discount off a camping holiday in May or June. And [euro]17.50 worth of vouchers will get you a year’s subscription to Hot Press.

When it comes to supermarket schemes, whether with Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Superquinn or Supervalu, the key is to maximise the number of points you get by keeping an eye out for double point days and products which may attract extra points – as long as you’re going to actually use those products, don’t be suckered into buying something of dubious worth just because of the extra points. website free printable grocery coupons

It is also worth noting that if you sign up to a Tesco credit card, you can get extra points. So, for every [euro]2 you spend with your store credit card, you earn three clubcard points and, when you use the card outside of Tesco, you earn one point for every [euro]2 spent. If you spend [euro]200 on your weekly shop using a Tesco credit card you earn 300 points. While if you spend [euro]500 using the same card you earn 250 points – a total of 550 points.

Dunnes Stores also sends vouchers out to loyalty card members quarterly while Superquinn offers a reward card scheme which can be used in-store or exchanged for One4all vouchers. Supervalu’s Real Reward scheme gives you [euro]1 per point and, when you hit 400 points, you get 5 per cent off your next shop – although this offer is set to expire next month. Supervalu points are also redeemable against get-away breaks.

It is not just the supermarkets which entice shoppers with discount coupons. Boots Advantage Card allows people to redeem points gained on purchases and the store also pushes substantial vouchers for its No. 7 range of products on shoppers who spend over a certain amount, usually around [euro]25. free printable grocery coupons

For its part, Brown Thomas has an uber-chic Black Card although it is keen to stress it is nothing as gauche as a loyalty card and, while it does offer discounts based on points accrued, it prefers to stress the benefits for card-holding members of the invites to events where they can get discounted deals (or spend more cash, depending on how you look at it).

AT THE OTHER END OF THE retailing experience – at least when it comes to price – is Ikea, and we thought the store couldn’t get any cheaper. It has a card which offers 25 per cent discounts on its Family range, as well as discounts up to the same amount on other products dotted throughout the store.

It has been the online arena where the biggest growth has been found in recent years with the most heavily promoted website. It offers a range of printable grocery coupons which are accepted in the main retailers – although not, generally speaking in your corner shop. If you were to buy all of the items on the list it would automatically knock [euro]20 off your grocery bill.

Like Tesco, it has a credit card, which enables users to earn extra PiggyPoints. You earn one for every [euro]2 spent on the card plus 2,000 when the account is opened. These points can be used to claim a variety of rewards although climbing the PiggyPoint mountain can seem a little daunting – to get a [euro]10 voucher for TGI Friday’s, you need 900 points, while 4,500 points will get you a [euro]50 Essensuals hair voucher.

“Is this a case of Pigflation?” he wondered.

COUPONS: THE VIEW FROM TWITTER It drives me berserk when old dearies start counting out their coupons, sloooowly, at the checkout. – Catherine I feel a bit cheap with coupons but no problem with online discount codes (no one can see you at checkout). – Anne I do sometimes but then I always forget which safe place I left them in and end up finding them years later. – Annie I use coupons! Sure that’s what they are there for. Coupons here are not as good as in the States though. – Rachelle Have loyalty cards for coffee, Dunnes and Boots and print off coupons from Pigsback. It doesn’t take much time and saves money. – Graham Coupons too damn fiddly and fussy. Besides, suspect prices of other products increased to compensate. – Miriam I can’t even keep a Starbucks loyalty card going for a week. Now if stamps were smartphone-ised . . . – Brendan I don’t, more because I’m disorganised, nothing to do with being scabby. – Adam CONOR POPE

Newslinks for Sunday September 7th, 2008

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

the sculptor Anish Kappor via the Boston Globe

Sculptor Anish Kapoor set designs for an upcoming Akram Khan play featuring Juliette Binoche [National Theatre, London]
Are Olafur Eliasson’s waterfalls damaging the local natural environment? [ArtInfo]
Relating a past run-in with Francis Bacon and reflecting on his work before his retrospective at the Tate [The Independent]
Author Michael Gross’s ‘Rogues’ Gallery’ exposes the inner circles of the Metropolitan Museum of Art [ArtInfo] Aug 29
Gustav Klimt at the Tate Liverpool brings record attendance [BBC News] while the British National Gallery’s strategy of exhibiting newer artists leads to a sharp drop in paying visitors [Times Online] Aug. 31

Newslinks for Tuesday September 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Banksy KKK in Alabama
A rather political work by Banksy spotted in Alabama via Supertouch

Banksy, moving north from New Orleans, (previously covered by AO here), to Alabama [Supertouch]
In October an artist will allow you to stay in a hotel room set up at the Guggenheim [GuardianUK]
New York Magazine highlights 30 art shows for the Fall [NYMag]
Explaining the dearth of Japanese curators [JapanTimes via Artsjournal]
Two books reviewed on the exploits Han van Meegeren: master forger [NYSun]
The Moment reports on vast industrial artspaces at Manifesta 7 in the Italian Alps [The Moment]

Newslinks for Monday September 1st 2008

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Kippenberger Frog
Martin Kppenberger’s Zuerst die Füsse (Feet First)

The Pope condemns late German artist Martin Kippenberger’s crucified frog sculpture [GuardianUK] and more here [NYTimes]
A critique of Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Waterfalls’ as ineffective “shock and awe” public art [NYSun]
Jeff Koons on Night Talk [YouTube via ArtFagCity]
Guggenheim Foundation receives $1 million from National Endowment for the Humanities
Banksy’s auction-donated $137,000 work to support Ken Livingstone invalidated due to his anonymity [ArtInfo]
Damien Hirst to open his 2nd ‘Other Criteria’ retail shop next to Sotheby’s on New Bond Street, London [Blomberg]