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Rhizome Announces $10,000 Prize for Net Art

July 21st, 2014

Prix Net Art, via RhizomePartnering with Beijing’s Tsinghua University Art and Science Media Laboratory (TASML) and the Center for Art and Technology at CCIA (CAT/CCIA), Rhizome has announced a $10,000 cash prize to one Internet artist.  The award will be handed out annually three times total over the course of the next three years, through 2016. “Internet art remains less recognized, less supported,” the organization said in a statement. “This prize gives a boost to those who continue to make art on the Internet, and emphasizes the unique cultural importance of such work.” Read More »

FIAC Announces New Fair for Young Galleries

July 21st, 2014

FIAC, via Art InfoFIAC has announced a new event set to take place during the larger fair this October, titled (OFF)ICIELLE, and focused around promoting young galleries and artists on the international circuit.  The event will present 50 galleries from around the world in Paris, opening for a private viewing on October 21st. Read More »

Art Newspaper Looks at Salaries for Independent Curators

July 21st, 2014

Germano Celant, via Art NewspaperThe Art Newspaper investigates the current payscales for independent curators, from Milan Expo 2015’s €750,000 salary for Germano Celant, to much lower rates for small-scale fairs and biennials.  “We’re not talking about the kind of field where you say, ‘A senior vice-president makes this and a schoolteacher makes that,’” says consultant András Szántó. “One of the interesting things about the art world as a labour market is that it is so fragmented.” Read More »

New Event to Examine Impact of 3D Printing in Contemporary Art

July 21st, 2014

Oliver Laric's Yuanmingyuan 3D, 2014, via Art NewspaperThe use of 3D Printing in contemporary art is growing, and this week, the International Foundation for Art Research will host a special event investigating the impact and use of the advanced technology in current studio practices.  “The technology, which facilitates replication, has legal implications, such as patent and copyright infringement and, down the road, possibly also forgery and fraud”, says Ifar Executive Director Sharon Flescher. Read More »

Bloomberg Notes Higher Prices for Female Artists on the Secondary Market

July 21st, 2014

Tracey Emin via BloombergBloomberg examines the record sale of Tracey Emin’s My Bed at Christie’s this past month, and notes its success as part of a growing trend towards higher prices for female artists on the secondary market. “Historical corrections are in vogue,” says  former Christie’s exec Amy Cappellazzo. “There are more women artists who are getting their due.” Read More »

Sotheby’s Plans Layoffs Amid Restructuring

July 21st, 2014

Handlers at Sotheby's, via Getty ImagesSotheby’s is laying off staff as a result of its current operational overhaul, following the conclusion of its fierce battle with investor Daniel Loeb.  ”As part of a long-range planning process begun earlier this year, Sotheby’s has identified areas for growth and additional investment,” the company said in a statement last week.  ”To capture these opportunities in an ever-evolving business, the company has decided to reallocate staff and resources.” Read More »

New York – Danh Vo: “We The People” at City Hall Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park Through December 5th, 2014

July 21st, 2014

Danh Vo, We The People (2010-2014) at Brooklyn Bridge Park

This summer, Vietnamese artist Danh Vo is paying his homage to the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of American legacy with a group of installations on view at City Hall Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park.  From May 17th to December 5th, the public will be able to see We The People, a life-sized replica of the Statue of Liberty separated into 250 copper parts that Vo created using the same processes used on the original statue. Read More »

New York – “Fixing a Hole” Group Show at Koenig & Clinton Through August 2nd, 2014

July 20th, 2014

Roman Signer, Flasche (Bottle), 2007
Roman Signer, Flasche (Bottle) (2007)

The summer season means a few things for the art world: beach installations, special projects in the Hamptons, and of course, group shows. During the hot summer months many galleries are presenting selections of works by different artists through various thematic ideas, giving gallery goers the opportunity to discover new readings between different artists’ works.  Among these galleries is Koenig & Clinton, hosting Fixing a Hole, a group exhibition investigating the notion of “fixing” in both meanings: mending what is broken and securing what is unstable. The tightly-curated selection focuses on a niche concept, making the occasionally challenging group show tradition an appealing one. Works in various mediums articulate the instincts of correction and stabilization of a dysfunctional case, arguing for the sensation of readjustment. Read More »

New York – Tara Donovan at Pace Gallery Through August 15th, 2014

July 19th, 2014

Tara Donovan, Untitled (2014) via Art Observed

The geometric, visually imaginative work of Tara Donovan takes its inspiration from simple movements, simple gestures elevated by their repetition and internal harmony.  Her work finds its form through the interaction of its elements, the spatial and compositional considerations of her materials, placed in close proximity and allowed to engage in a conversation between each singular element and the final form these pieces ultimately create.

Tara Donovan, Untitled (2014) via Art Observed

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Dominique Lévy to Open London Space on Old Bond Street in Mayfair

July 18th, 2014

Dominique Lévy London, via Dominique LévyGallerist Dominique Lévy has announced plans to open a London exhibition space in the Mayfair district, following the opening of her Upper East Side gallery last year.  “We are pleased and proud to announce our new space in London,” says Lévy. “Our gallery’s program and culture represent an ongoing, spirited dialogue between Europe and America. And our team embodies that dialogue, with Europeans working in New York and Americans working in London.”   Read More »

Massimo Gioni Promoted as New Museum’s Artistic Director

July 18th, 2014

Massimo Gioni takes Part in Draftsmen's Congress (2012), via Art ObservedThe New Museum has promoted curator Massimiliano Gioni to the position of Artistic Director, putting him at the forefront of the institution’s short-term and long-term planning. “Widely recognized as one of the most influential and admired curators working today, Massimiliano represents the New Museum around the world at major art events and through his lectures at many international venues,” says Director Lisa Phillips. Read More »

Detroit Institute of Arts Receives $26 Million Pledge from Various Businesses

July 18th, 2014

Detroit Institute of Arts, via Boston HeraldA coalition of major businesses and corporations, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Meijer; Comerica Bank; the JPMorgan Chase Foundation; Consumers Energy and Delta Air Lines Foundation have pledged over $26 million towards a $100 million commitment the Detroit Institute of Arts has made to protect its collection from the auction block.  The donation brings the museum three quarters of the way towards its goal, after similar donations were received earlier this year from the Big Three automakers and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and J. Paul Getty Trust. Read More »

Hauser and Wirth Open Somerset Gallery This Week

July 18th, 2014

Hauser and Wirth Somerset, via Art NewspaperThe newest Hauser and Wirth space in Somerset opens its doors this week in the small town of Bruton.  The new gallery is celebrating its opening with a show of works by artist Phyllida Barlow, titled Gig.  But is also showing a number of site-specific installations on its expansive grounds. Read More »

Palestinian Artist Barred from Travelling to New York for New Museum Opening

July 18th, 2014

Khaled Jarrar, via Art NewspaperRamallah-based artist Khaled Jarrar, part of the New Museum’s group exhibition on contemporary Arabic art, has been prevented by Israeli authorities from leaving the country to attend the museum exhibition.  Jarrar, whose works often explore and document the flux and bureaucratic grey areas of the Israeli-Palestinian borders, was blocked from leaving for “security reasons.” Read More »

Los Angeles – Albert Oehlen: “New Paintings” at Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills Through July 18th, 2014

July 18th, 2014

Albert Oehlen, Untitled (2012)
Albert Oehlen, Untitled (2012), all images courtesy Gagosian Gallery

On view at Gagosian Beverly Hills is an exhibition of recent large scale paintings by German artist Albert Oehlen, showcasing the artist’s continued interests in both abstract painterly gesture and the intersections of modernity with the act of painting. The exhibition will remain on view through July 18, 2014.

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Damien Hirst Spot Painting Installation at Center of Bizarre Controversy

July 18th, 2014

Damien Hirst's "Bombay Mix" Instructions, via AnimalA strange disagreement has arisen over the authenticity of a site-specific Damien Hirst spot painting, after a homeowner has attempted to remove the work from its location and sell it.  Jess Simpson purchased the home where the work was installed, and attempted to mount the piece on aluminum to resell it, but was met with a statement by Hirst’s Science LTD. which stated the work no longer could be considered authentic as Simpson did not own the certificate, and could not remove a site-specific work to profit from it: “The ownership of a wall painting in the series titled Wall Spots always resides with the owner of the Wall Spots signed certificate, which accompanies the art work.” Read More »

London – Adrian Ghenie: “Golems” at Pace Gallery Through July 26th, 2014

July 18th, 2014

Adrian Ghenie, Darwin and the Satyr, 2014 ©Adrian Ghenie Courtesy of The Pace Gallery
Adrian Ghenie, Darwin and the Satyr (2014) ©Adrian Ghenie Courtesy of The Pace Gallery

Tempestuous, chaotic and captivating are only a few of the many attributions to describe the delirious colors and harmonics of Adrian Ghenie. Born and raised in Romania, the thirty-seven year old artist often experiments with the set techniques of painting through extensions and variations of narrative, conveying eerie tales of decay and disarray throughout his works. On view at Pace Gallery in London until July 25th is Ghenie’s most recent body of work, featuring nine oil on linen paintings and a large-scale room installation, reflecting the artist’s approach to the roots of Western ideology and the impact of intellectual thinking. Read More »

New York – Larry Clark: “they thought i were but i aren’t anymore” at Luhring Augustine Through August 1st, 2014

July 17th, 2014

Larry Clark, Knoxville (homage to Brad Renfro), 2011 via Osman Can Yerebakan
Larry Clark, Knoxville (homage to Brad Renfro) (2011) all images via Osman Can Yerebakan

Currently on view at Luhring Augustine is a career spanning exhibition of Larry Clark, one of the most vocal representatives of the American youth since the early 60′s. Tulsa, the inspiration and the namesake of his infamous photography book, is where Clark began experimenting with photography at an early age with his mother’s camera, using his circle of friends as his object of interest.  Clark started to document the suburban lifestyle through the lens of a generation engaged with drug use, underage sex and violence. Adding further weight to the already graphic nature of his subject matter, the rawness and the honesty of Clark’s perspective as an insider’s point of view has marked him as one of the foremost voices in American photography. Read More »

Korakrit Arunanondchai Unveils New Trailer for LA Exhibition

July 16th, 2014

Korakrit Arunanondchai, via VimeoKorakrit Arunanondchai has unveiled the trailer for his newest exhibition Letters to Chantri #1, opening this Friday at The Mistake Room.  Arunanondchai’s trailer continues his engagement with a cinematic approach to his work and his own artistic narrative, and features shots of him creating several of his body paint canvases, as his denim-clad assistants look on.  ”Those paintings that you make,” the video text says, “they suffocate you.”  Read More »

Statue Breaks World Record for Highest Sale of Ancient Egyptian Art

July 16th, 2014

via The Daily Star

A 30-inch statue representing the god Sekhemka broke the world record for highest auction price of an Egyptian artwork last Thursday at Christie’s London. The statue, sold by the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, was estimated to sell for $7 to $11 million, but sold for over double its estimate, going to an anonymous bidder for $27 million. The museum has drawn criticism over the decision to sell the statue to fund a future expansion. ”No other items from the museum’s collection will be sold off. “Sekhemka was an exceptional case,” said David Mackintosh of the Northampton Borough Council.

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Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby Launch Fashion Project

July 16th, 2014

Raf Simons : Sterling Ruby Unique, via In the Name OfSterling Ruby has launched his collaborative fashion project with designer Raf Simons this week, with an online store titled  The site will look to launch weekly products, starting this week with a  work shirt and jeans spattered with typically messy splashes by Ruby. Read More »

PS1′s Christopher Lew Appointed Associate Curator at Whitney

July 16th, 2014

Christopher Lew, via GalleristMoMA PS1 Curator Christopher Lew has been hired on at the Whitney Museum as the institution’s new associate curator.  Lew has earned a reputation for groundbreaking shows of young and rising artists, and his group shows at PS1 had earned considerable praise.  “The Whitney is enjoying an exciting time of growth and I am thrilled and honored to join the museum as it prepares to return downtown,” he said in a statement. Read More »

Guggenheim’s Helsinki Plans Draw Local Criticism

July 16th, 2014

Mikko Aho, Helsinki’s planning director, via NYTThe costs and logistics of the Guggenheim’s Helsinki expansion plans are causing a backlash against the museum in the Finnish capital, the New York Times reports.  “I felt some defensiveness and some very developed hostility to us, a fear which I was empathetic toward,” says Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong, “that the distinct local character of Helsinki would somehow be amalgamated into some sort of gigantic industrial apparatus.” Read More »

New York – “LIFE: Curated by The Journal Gallery” at Venus Over Manhattan Through July 25th, 2014

July 16th, 2014

Eddie Martinez, Untitled (2013), via Art Observed
Eddie Martinez, Untitled (2013), via Art Observed

Based in Williamsburg, The Journal has carved out a unique path for itself in the contemporary discourse, representing a group of young artists that share a particular interest in the capacity for intersections of painting, printmaking, and conceptual practice.  Sharing techniques rooted in repetition, abstracted figuration, humor, and an occasionally visceral approach to the painterly mark, the artists embraced by The Journal have come to represent a markedly cohesive school of practice in New York over the past years. Read More »