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Newslinks for 11.27.07

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
via Ellen Page Wilson/Courtesy of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

Urs Fischer razes Gavin Brown’s Enterprise [NYMag]
Gert and Uwe Tobias opening 11.28 at MoMA
Hong Kong Art Fair a Bust? [NYT]
MTA to Commision Major Art Works for 2nd Ave Subway Line [NYP]

Breakdown the Baselites – NYMag's Guide to Miami

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

In anticipation for this year’s Miami art fairs, New York Magazine‘s Alexandra Peers takes a closer look at the main groups of attendees who will swarm the city next week.   (more…)

30 hours of the New New Museum

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

The time has come – New Museum is opening this weekend. To kick off the long-awaited relocation & redesign of the institution, Target is sponsoring the first 30 hours that the new New Museum will be open, beginning at 12pm Saturday, December 1 through 6pm the next day.  Yes, they will be open overnight. (more…)

A bit of gossip: Larry Gagosian vs. Adam Lindemann…

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

So our speculation last week as to why Gagosian bought another one of his own artists’ pieces at Sotheby’s was partly correct. An article in PageSix this weekend gives us the dirt on the original owner, collector Adam Lindemann, and why Gagosian had dropped him as a client years ago. (more…)

Thanksgiving weekend links

Saturday, November 24th, 2007
Rieko Sakurai via Supertouch 

Rieko Sakurai’s unsettling cultural hybrid paintings in Tokyo [Supertouch]
Guggenheim’s exterior to remain gray [NYP]
Corrections to NYT auction results? [CultureGrrl]
Zach Feuer buys Google ads [AFC]
Despite “Diving Bell…” Schnabel is a painter first and foremost [NYT]
Christie’s sets Chinese contemporary record in Hong Kong [Bloomberg]
‘ArtStar’ season 2 artist work to be shown at Basel [AFC]
Wangechi Mutu at Victoria Miro through January 19th [Hustler of Culture]

Charles Ray at Matthew Marks Gallery

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Installation view of Charles Ray via Matthew Marks

Peering inside Matthew Marks‘ West 22nd Street space at a distance, Charles Ray’s latest pieces—The New Beetle, Egg & Father Figure—appear plastic, as if made using molds. The soft and very particular light of the gallery reflects off of their form, rendering them smooth, shiny and inviting, despite Ray’s typical choice of provocative and somewhat repulsive subject matter. (more…)

Maccarone now officially home of Peter Paul Chocolates

Monday, November 19th, 2007
Christian K. Coleman for ArtObserved

Peter Paul Chocolates, the current name of Maccarone Gallery, has officially opened and is producing 1,000 chocolate sculptures every day from now until the end of the year. Paul McCarthy, the artist behind the boutique, has formed Peter Paul Chocolates into and LLC in anticipation of replicating the chocolate factory in other locations in the future.

McCarthy’s iconic “Santa with Butt Plug” sculpture that debuted at Art Basel earlier this year is transformed into a chocolate version at the shop. Measuring ten inches high and made with 14 ounces of Guittard chocolate, each Santa retails for $100. (more…)

Martin Puryear at Moma

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Photo ArtObserved

MoMA has been making several changes to their exhibitions, rotating certain pieces and pulling treasures out of their vault to keep things interesting.  If the $20 adult admission fee doesn’t faze you, then it might be worth it just to see the new pieces in the first floor atrium exhibition space.  The Twomblys have been relocated and the museum finally makes use of the high ceilings by installing Martin Puryear’s delicately soaring sculptures.  (more…)

Newslinks for 11.19.07

Monday, November 19th, 2007
Model for Jeff Koons’ parade balloon via World’s Best Ever

Jeff Koons’ rabbit to be Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon [WorldsBestEver]
Sotheby’s to hold inaugural Russian evening sale
Tobias Meyer says Sotheby’s spurt was “hard work”, not luck [Bloomberg]
New York’s first Latin American art fair features just 35 galleries [NYT]
MoMA’s towering expansion includes residential units & hotel [CultureGrrl]
Art Production Fund’s 2008 beach towels now at Target & online [WorldsBestEver]
Museums court dealers’ financial backing for vested artists [NYT]
Larry Salander to sell townhome, Judge criticizes spending [Bloomberg]
Bank of America to sell paintings from corporate collection [Portfolio]
Richard Prince to exhibit new paintings at Eden Rock Hotel, St. Bart’s [ArtNet]
Financial markets may be down, but art market is definitely up [NYT]
Phillips de Pury delivers an uneventful ending to fall sales [NYT]
Whitney Biennial 2008 artists announced [Whitney]

Auction tidbits: Larry Go-Gos for Jeff Koons… again

Thursday, November 15th, 2007
via Sotheby’s

So if Larry Gagosian’s record-setting $11.8 million purchase of Jeff Koons‘ “Diamond (Blue)” at Christie’s on November 13th wasn’t enough, he also bought the artist’s “Hanging Heart (Magenta and Gold)” for $23.6 million the next night at Sotheby’s contemporary evening sale, breaking the record set the previous night and setting a new one. (more…)

Newslinks for 11.15.07

Thursday, November 15th, 2007
via Robert Polidori for the New Yorker

New New Museum changes the LES skyline [New Yorker]
Sotheby’s stock gets a boost from last night’s sales [Crain’s]
Sotheby’s auction total highest ever [ArtDaily]
New Museum’s webcam shots [AFC]

Neuromuscular disorders presenting as congenital bilateral vocal cord paralysis

The Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology October 1, 2001 | Lapena, Jose F Jr; Berkowitz, Robert G Congenital bilateral vocal cord paralysis (BVCP) can be associated with an underlying neuromuscular disorder, and may present before other features of the neuromuscular disorder become apparent. All infants less than 12 months of age presenting with BVCP between July 1987 and July 1999 at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, in whom a neuromuscular disorder was subsequently diagnosed were followed. Three children in whom BVCP was diagnosed soon after birth and before recognition of an underlying neuromuscular disorder were identified. All presented with upper airway obstructive symptoms at birth, had a diagnosis of bilateral abductor vocal cord paralysis made at awake flexible laryngoscopy, and had no underlying structural laryngeal abnormality on microlaryngoscopy and bronchoscopy. Two children required a tracheostomy, and I child was weaned from nasopharyngeal continuous positive airway pressure after 3 weeks. Subsequent neuromuscular symptoms were recognized between 4 months and 7 years later, leading to diagnoses of facioscapulohumeral myopathy, spinal muscular atrophy, and congenital myasthenia gravis. In each case, the prognosis for recovery from symptoms related to BVCP reflected that of the underlying neuromuscular disorder. This experience suggests that congenital BVCP may be a feature of an unrecognized neuromuscular condition. This possibility should be considered particularly in the presence of associated neurodevelopmental or neuromuscular dysfunction, or in cases in which BVCP is progressive. arnold chiari malformation

KEY WORDS – congenital bilateral vocal cord paralysis, neuromuscular disorder.

INTRODUCTION Significant upper airway obstruction presenting immediately after birth should raise the possibility of congenital bilateral vocal cord paralysis (BVCP). However, arriving at a diagnosis of congenital BVCP only marks the beginning of a long process for caregivers and physicians, and important questions such as the severity of the condition, the underlying cause, the prognosis for recovery, and the best therapeutic strategies need to be addressed.

The prognosis for recovery of vocal cord function depends on the underlying cause of the congenital BVCP.1 After excluding structural laryngeal abnormalities that limit vocal cord mobility, the causes of congenital BVCP that need to be considered are birth trauma or asphyxia, neuromuscular disorders, and central nervous system anomalies, most commonly the Arnold-Chiari malformation. Other structural neurologic abnormalities have also been described, including hydrocephalus unrelated to the Arnold-Chiari malformation, hypoplasia of cranial nerve motor neurons, and cerebral agenesis.2 In some cases, the cause of congenital BVCP may not be readily apparent.

In their review of the etiology of BVCP, Holinger et a12 found that in 71 of 114 cases of congenital BVCP, no cause was determined. Associated anomalies were also present in 32 of these children, which included neurologic, cardiac, and laryngeal abnormalities. Emery and Fearon3 found that in 10 of 19 children with congenital vocal cord paralysis, the cause was unknown, and 5 of these had other anomalies. As has been suggested,I it would appear that in a significant proportion of cases of congenital BVCP, no cause may be found.

The high proportion of idiopathic congenital vocal cord paralysis in these reports by Holinger et a12 and Emery and Fearon3 may be partly due to the lack of the sophisticated laboratory, electrophysiological, and imaging studies that are available today. However, a modern protocol for the investigation of congenital BVCP has yet to be established. A previous series of neonates evaluated by awake flexible laryngoscopy4 has highlighted the importance of this method in the investigation of congenital BVCP. Laryngeal electromyography findings in idiopathic congenital BVCP1 and animal studies of posterior cricoarytenoid muscle activity,5 as well as the identification of posterior cricoarytenoid motoneurons in the medulla,6,7 may further contribute toward our understanding of this condition.

Congenital BVCP itself has also been associated with manifest findings indicative of a more widespread neuromuscular disorder.8 As the primary cause of congenital BVCP, neuromuscular disorders include a range of conditions that affect the anterior horn cells, neuromuscular junction, and muscle. These disorders can present with BVCP in addition to weakness and hypotonia. However, the onset of BVCP may occur before or after other features of a neuromuscular disorder become apparent. While symptoms of BVCP may not always be present at birth, neither may the recognition of the neuromuscular disorder that in some cases may be preceded by BVCP. We present our experience with 3 children in whom BVCP was diagnosed soon after birth, and before recognition of an underlying neuromuscular disorder.

METHODS All infants less than 12 months of age presenting with BVCP from July 1987 to July 1999 at the Royal Children’s Hospital in whom a neuromuscular disorder was subsequently diagnosed were followed, and their case histories were reviewed. Children were included in the study if the diagnosis of BVCP was made before the recognition of an underlying neuromuscular disorder, although some patients may have had some evidence of a neuromuscular disorder that was unrecognized at the time of diagnosis of BVCP.

RESULTS Clinical details of 3 children with BVCP associated with a subsequently diagnosed neuromuscular disorder are listed in the Table. All presented with upper airway obstructive symptoms at birth, received a diagnosis of bilateral abductor vocal cord paralysis at awake flexible laryngoscopy, and had no underlying structural laryngeal abnormality seen on microlaryngoscopy and bronchoscopy. A tracheostomy was required in 1 child with complete BVCP and in another child with partial BVCP, on the third day and in the eighth month of life, respectively. The third child, who had complete BVCP at birth, was weaned from nasopharyngeal continuous positive airway pressure at 3 weeks. Subsequent neuromuscular symptoms were recognized in these children 4 months to 7 years later, and investigations led to the diagnoses of facioscapulohumeral myopathy, spinal muscular atrophy, and congenital myasthenia gravis. The prognosis for recovery from symptoms related to BVCP in each case reflects that of the underlying neuromuscular disorder.

DISCUSSION Three children with congenital BVCP are described, all of whom subsequently received diagnoses of neuromuscular disorders. Previous reports of vocal cord paralysis preceding the diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders in children have included cases of acute spinal muscular atrophy9 and subacute necrotizing encephalomyelopathy or Leigh disease. 10 The neuromuscular disorder may become readily apparent soon after diagnosis of BVCP, as in the case of patient 3, with congenital myasthenia, in whom medical therapy may have avoided the need for tracheostomy. A similar case has been reported of myasthenia gravis presenting with acute stridor due to BVCP in a 46-year-old man.II In contrast, the underlying neuromuscular disorder may not be fully appreciated for years, as in the case of patient 1, in whom a specific diagnosis of facioscapulohumeral myopathy was only made for progressively worsening neurologic developmental symptoms at age 7. Wu et a112 reported the case of a 53-year-old man in whom vocal cord paralysis necessitating a tracheostomy preceded any other neurologic and autonomic manifestations by 2 years, until extrapyramidal and cerebellar signs with autonomic failure led to magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis of severe brain stem and cerebellar atrophy. this web site arnold chiari malformation

In cases in which no recognizable cause for BVCP can be found, no prognostic indicators are available at the moment for recovery of vocal cord function. The severity of BVCP is usually gauged by the degree of upper airway obstruction present and the need for tracheostomy. Generally, if tracheostomy is not necessary in the neonatal period, progressive improvement in vocal cord function will occur without the need for subsequent intervention. Conversely, when tracheostomy is required in a neonate, tracheostomy dependence may persist for a number of years, and any subsequent improvement in vocal cord movement may take years and may be only partial.13 While this may be true for idiopathic congenital BVCP, an underlying neuromuscular disorder must be considered when the degree of vocal cord dysfunction increases with age. Patient 2, with partial vocal cord paralysis, developed tracheostomy dependence in the postneonatal period. The index of suspicion for an underlying neuromuscular disorder should be very high in this clinical situation.

Besides causing impairment of vocal cord function, a neuromuscular disorder may also affect respiratory muscle function. The clinical severity of BVCP may therefore be magnified by the presence of associated poor respiratory effort. Both mechanisms were involved in patient 2, with spinal muscular atrophy, the former explaining the initial need for tracheostomy, and the latter explaining the subsequent continuing tracheostomy dependence despite the presence of some purposeful vocal cord abduction.

The need for both structural and functional assessment of the neonatal upper airway, the importance of identifying an underlying cause for congenital BVCP, and the importance of recognizing the association between congenital BVCP and other congenital abnormalities remain the cornerstones of the current approach to the evaluation of the newborn with BVCP.13 Our experience suggests that congenital BVCP may be an early warning of an unrecognized neuromuscular condition. This possibility should be considered, particularly in the presence of associated neurodevelopmental or neuromuscular dysfunction, or when BVCP is progressive.

[Reference] REFERENCES [Reference] 1. Berkowitz RG. Laryngeal electromyography findings in idiopathic congenital bilateral vocal cord paralysis. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1996;105:207-12.

2. Holinger LD, Holinger PC, Holinger PH. Etiology of bilateral abductor vocal cord paralysis. A review of 389 cases. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1976;85:428-36.

3. Emery PJ, Fearon B. Vocal cord palsy in pediatric practice: a review of 71 cases. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 1984;8: 147-54.

4. Berkowitz RG. Neonatal upper airway assessment by awake flexible laryngoscopy. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1998; 107:75-80.

[Reference] 5. Berkowitz RG, Sun Q-J, Chalmers J, Pilowsky PM. Respiratory activity of the rat posterior cricoarytenoid muscle. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1997;106:897-901.

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[Reference] 9. Roulet E, Deonna T. Vocal cord paralysis as a presenting sign of acute spinal muscular atrophy SMA type 1. Arch Dis Child 1992;67:352.

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12. Wu YR, Chen CM, Ro LS, Chen ST, Tang LM. Vocal cord paralysis as an initial sign of multiple system atrophy in the central nervous system. J Formos Med Assoc 1996;95:8046.

13. Berkowitz RG. Vocal cord paralysis. In: Cotton RT, Myers CM, eds. Practical pediatric otolaryngology. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott-Raven, 1999:613-24.

[Author Affiliation] From the Departments of Otolaryngology (both authors) and Paediatrics (Berkowitz), Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. This research is supported by the Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation.

CORRESPONDENCE – Robert G. Berkowitz, MD, FRACS, Dept of Otolaryngology, Royal Children’s Hospital, Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria, Australia 3052.

Lapena, Jose F Jr; Berkowitz, Robert G

Saatchi Online and Stuart to hold exhibitions in New York

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
Eric Doeringer’s “Bootleg Series” via Saatchi

Saatchi Online and STUART will be holding their first exhibition in New York City at Sara Tecchia Roma Gallery in Chelsea. The group show will feature 11 New York area artists who are members of Saatchi Online. (more…)

Newslinks for 11.14.07

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
Yue Minjun and one of his paintings via Doug Kanter for NYT

Review: NYT covers Yue Minjun at Queens Museum of Art [NYT]
Active bidding at Christie’s surprises art insiders [Bloomberg]
Record prices set at Christie’s contemporary/postwar sale
Abu Dhabi to oversee acquisitions for Guggenheim branch [NYT]
Christie’s sales mostly bolstered by staked dealers [CultureGrrl]
Thomas Krens vague on terms for Abu Dhabi [NYSun]
Jeff Koons’ heart comes with a price [Luxist]

Jeff Koon’s “Diamond (Blue)” sells under estimate

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
via ArtObserved

Thanks to dealer Larry Gagosian, artist Jeff Koons now has a new auction record. His “Diamond (Blue)” had a hammer price of $11.8 million (including buyer’s premium) at Christie’s postwar/contemporary sale. But the record still didn’t surpass the estimates Christie’s had stuck on the bling – both of them. (more…)

Newslinks for 11.13.07

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
Touching up Banksy via Supertouch

Islington, London gives Banksy street work official protection [Supertouch]
Records set at Christie’s contemporary/postwar sale part one [Bloomberg]
LES neighbors upset by gallerist David Zwirner’s home expansion [AFC]
Richard Feigen lists overvalued artists on Bloomberg [CultureGrrl]
Changing Beijing’s arms factories to galleries [FT]
Abstract: Profiling dealer Jeffrey Deitch [New Yorker]

Newslinks for 11.09.07

Friday, November 9th, 2007
Partial view of Lever House installation via Michael Nagle for NYT

Lever House installation on view through February 16 [NYT]
Rosenbaum recaps Sotheby’s Pres & CEO investor conference call
Cannes-winning Schnabel film cannot compete for Oscar [Reuters]
Performa ’07 sparking “fresh interest” in art community [NYT]
Art Fag City briefly reviews Asian Contemporary Art Fair [AFC]
Bloch-Bauer heirs donate returned looted sculptures to Neue Galerie [NYT]
Gallerists creating a new art district in LES [NYSun]
Artists crossing commercial border with fashion collaborations [NYT]

Sotheby's stock drops after a disappointing sale

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Sotheby’s stock plummeted today after last night’s sale was well under the low estimate of $355.6 million at $269.7 million. As of 4pm today, shares are down to $35.84, a change of 28.42%. Yesterday’s closing price was $50.07 and opened at $36.01. (more…)

Don’t Miss: Matthew Barney

Thursday, November 8th, 2007
“Drawing Restraint 9″, 2005, production still courtesy Gladstone Gallery
via Serpentine Gallery

Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint is on view at Serpentine Gallery, London until Sunday, November 11th. This exhibit has traveled from Japan to Korea, the US to the UK, and will be shown in Austria next year. (more…)

Newslinks for 11.08.07

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Star-studded Performa biennial in NYC through Nov. 20th [Jetsetera]
Asian Contemporary Art Fair opens tonight [ArtDaily]
Visual Sotheby’s stock drop [AFC]
Sotheby’s auction really more interesting than Christie’s? [Portfolio]

Newslinks for 11.07.07

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
Empty chairs at yesterday’s Christie’s sale via CultureGrrl

Christie’s so-so impressionist/modern sale results [CultureGrrl]
New Matisse record of $33.6m for L’Odalisque, Harmonie Bleue
SVA – the first school to exhibit (or exploit?) at Miami fairs
Sotheby’s London promotes Nov. 26-27 Russian sale [Bloomberg]
M.I.T. sues Frank Gehry for negligence in Stata Center design []
Gehry responds to negligence suit [NYT]
Museums moving their investments to hedge funds [Artnet via Portfolio]
Trailer for Schnabel’s “Diving Bell and the Butterfly” [Official Site]
Aby Rosen’s Damien Hirst installation at Lever House revealed [NYM]
New book on Lucian Freud is “most comprehensive to date” [NYSun]

C. to C.: Friendship in a musical portrait

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
Chuck Close and Phillip Glass via ViewImages

C. to C. (Close to Chuck), a new piece added the repertoire by the American Ballet Theatre this season, is a “musical portrait” celebrating the 40-year friendship between iconic American artist Chuck Close and composer Phillip Glass. Choreographed by Jorma Elo, the piece involved only six dancers and had week-long run, beginning October 27th and ending November 4th. (more…)

Maccarone Gallery searching for Chocolate handlers

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
“Santa with Tree and Bell”

Paul McCarthy’s “Peter Paul Chocolates” opens at Maccarone Gallery next Thursday, November 15th. The gallery and/or artist was on the hunt for qualified individuals with steady hands to work in the boutique for the next six weeks, starting this Saturday, November 10th according to the Craigslist job post we found. (more…)

Newslinks for 11.06.07

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s available to view live online [CultureGrrl]
Fall auction reviews for Sotheby’s and Christie’s [NYT]
Does money alone make a collection great? [TimesUK]

Urs Fischer at Gavin Brown Enterprises

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Urs Fischer’s opening at Gavin Brown Enterprises on Greenwich Street was a quiet, exuberant affair. On a quiet, damp corner in the West Village, a murmur could be heard from the gallery. As we walked into the space, it was your typical opening, well-dressed people in black holding cups of warming beer in a vacant white room. However, this room gave way to a little doorway, a portal, literally, into the artwork that we had come to partake of. Here on the wall, a small rectangular hole frames the artist’s world, and as he beckons us inside, he simultaneously forces us to bow and lower our eyes as we enter into a new domain. (more…)